"The goal is to be PAID and FREE... NOT booked and Busy." 

 - L.Brooks

An innovative visionary, Training Facilitator, Charismatic Speaker, and Serial Entrepreneur: Latasha Brooks specializes in Business Development and is hugely passionate about her clients and projects she oversees. 

Hailing proudly from Jacksonville, FL, Latasha's family is full of talented go-getters, with a clear vision for their future.

Latasha is the owner of A & B Creative Events, Vinyl 2 Vinyl LLC, Final Touch Models CO, and President of Final Touch Performing Arts Studio Inc. just to name a few of her businesses. She launched Money Baggs Mentoring Program in 2018, an online training and resource center for creatives, visionaries, entrepreneurs. Though a woman of many talents, Latasha is most passionate about using her voice to educate, transform, and impart others. Her heart for teaching and the use of honesty and transparency has created a unique platform that allows her to be effective. From colleges and corporations to New York Fashion Week, Latasha travels the country as a Trainer and Event Planner.