Brooks Business Boost


We offer new and existing businesses the opportunity to build business credit while also having the opportunity to learn how to structure and scale your business. (Not to replace your current education... just another resource).


You have two options building with us:


  1. Tier 1 – New Businesses & Existing businesses that are just now beginning to establish business credit or Existing businesses that want to add another tradeline to the existing credit portfolio. • This tradeline will only report to one credit bureau. 

  1. Tier 2 – Existing businesses that have a seasoned credit portfolio and have been building business credit for the last 6 months. This option will report to all multiple credit bureaus.Tier 2 requires a business credit application which goes through an Underwriting review (Additional documents may be required). A business credit portfolio that shows a history of your company acquiring credit, consistent usage of credit, and making regular on time payments over at least six months. This tradeline is Net 30.

Reporting to one or more of the following: Equifax, Creditsafe, Experian, Dun & Bradstreet